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Endovenous glue treatment

Venous closure using glue

A recent development is the introduction of glue to permanently close varicose veins so that they collapse and become like a thread of scar tissue under the skin and cannot be seen.  The technique is similar to radiofrequency in that a catheter is placed in the vein (usually below the knee) and passed to the top of the vein near the groin.  The catheter is withdrawn and tiny amount of glue is injected.  The vein is held closed for 30sec while the glue sets.  No anaesthetic is needed other than a small injection at the point where the catheter is introduced.  The procedure can be done as a walk in walk out treatment.



VenaSeal ™ Closure System

Leg preparation

Prior to the VenaSeal procedure:

  • Leg will be evaluated using ultrasound
  • Vein may be marked using a skin marker

Vein access and catheter positioning

  • Local anesthesia will be given at the catheter entry site to numb the area
  • The physician will access the vein through either a small incision or skin puncture
  • Once the vein is accessed, the catheter is inserted and advanced to the treatment starting point
  • The catheter’s position is veried using ultrasound


  • VenaSeal™ adhesive is delivered along the length of the targeted vein segment
  • The proprietary catheter is highly visible under ultrasound, for precise delivery of the adhesive


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