The Vascular Care Centre has been designed to provide comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of all arterial and venous disorders. Our team led by highly trained vascular and endovascular surgeons offers 20 years of experience, the latest techniques and state-of-the-art equipment

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Our Doctors

David Huber

Dr. David Huber is the Chairman/Chief of the Department of Vascular Surgery in the Illawarra Health Area Service.
He is the founder of the first dedicated Endovascular Suite in an Operating Theatre in Australia. This is located at Wollongong Hospital and is the only one of its kind in the country although several other hospitals are using it as a model to build their one.
Dr. Huber is a pioneer in Endovascular Surgery continuously involved in the introduction of cutting edge technologies. He is also a fully qualified Vein specialist (phlebologist).
One of Dr. Huber’s interests has always been Pressure Ulcers, especially their prevention, and this led to the creation of a company that designs devices to prevent this ulcers. Go to for more information

Dr. Huber believes in centralizing all aspects of Diagnosis and Treatment of Vascular Disorders to provide safe and effective care with the highest standards, and this vision is what inspired /defines the VASCULAR CARE CENTRE and THE VEIN CARE CLINIC.

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Laurencia Villalba Dr. Laurencia Villalba is the newest addition to the Department of Vascular Surgery in the Illawarra Health Area Service.
Originally from Argentina she trained as a Vascular and Endovascular Surgeon in Canada and then completed the Australian Fellowship in Vascular and Endovascular Surgery.
Dr. Villalba has been involved in the creation of the Endovascular Programme in Canada and has supported the idea of an Endovascular Suite in the Operating Suite with presentations and publications at international meetings.
One of Dr. Villalba’s interests is the treatment of Aortic Pathology with Endovascular Technology and she is currently working at transforming Wollongong Hospital into a high level referral centre for this.
She is also a Fellow of the Australasian College of Phlebology ( Vein  Specialist), trained in all the latest minimally invasive and cosmetic procedures for varicose veins.
Dr. Villalba also believes in a centralized comprehensive approach to Vascular Disorders and is one of the founders of the VASCULAR CARE CENTRE and the VEIN CARE CLINIC.


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Our Staff

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    Anne Wolfers
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The Vein Care Centre

At The Vein Care Centre we offer the ultimate Vein Care experience. With full diagnostic capabilities and the latest minimally invasive techniques we can provide patient-friendly alternatives to traditional vein surgery for varicose veins and the effects of venous reflux and insufficiency.
Our services include:

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Coming Soon...

Dr. David Huber and Dr. Laurencia Villalba will be hosting interactive teaching sessions with small groups of GPs were they will have a closer look at what we do, such us minimally invasive vein treatments, deployment of stent -grafts, etc.. STAY TUNED!!

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