For Patients

Common Questions

I have spider/varicose veins what treatment will I need

The treatment will depend on what the cause is.  The management of varicose veins is different from the management of spider veins.  The exact management will depend on the result of an ultrasound performed at a Vascular Lab (either SWVL or Liverpool Vascular Lab at Campbelltown)

How many treatments are required

That will depend on how many varicose veins/spider veins you have, and how much improvement you would be happy with.  The size of the area treated with depend on the dose that can be safely given on the day.  In some people, that will be enough to treat the whole area, in others, more sessions will be needed.

Cost of the treatment

Treatment cost will depend on the extent of the varicose veins/spider veins.  Once the optimal management has been decided upon, a full quote will be provided, and this can then be discussed with the doctor.

Why don’t we bulk bill for the consultation

We are not a bulk bill practice. We believe all consultations are important.  Many decisions will be made at that time.  This is a specialist practice and we believe that the cost of the consultation is in line with the service provided.

Length of the consultation and treatment

Consultations are between 15 and 30 mins, but will be as long as is required to ensure that all information is provided to the patient.  At times, that will be longer than 30mins.

As far as treatment is concerned, sclerotherapy  generally takes approximately 30mins, with a further 30mins for bed rest.  Ablation (such as radiofrequency, endovenous laser or glue) takes between 1 hour and 90mins.

How are these veins formed

They are general caused by valves in the veins which are no longer working.  The exact distribution of the valves will depend on the result of an ultrasound and will be explained by the doctor

Will the treatment remove them permanently

No.  The time taken for vs/spiders to return will depend in part on how complete the initial treatment is in treating the cause of the varicose veins/spiders.  At the VCCSW, we also suggest a surveillance program using ultrasound performed yearly to see whether they start to return, and then treat the recurrences as they start (usually by injections).  If there is no evidence of recurrence after a number of years, then one can stop

I have a history of aneurysm, does this cause the veins

No.  Aneurysms are on the arterial side of the circulation, whereas varicose veins/spiders are on the venous side.  Neither is associated with the other

What causes spider/varicose veins

See “how are these veins formed?”

Can I drive after the sclerotherapy treatment

Yes you can.

Will I need surgery if the treatment is unsuccessful

That will depend on the cause of the varicose veins.  Almost all the management of varicose veins is done through a needle under local anaesthetic, so even if further management is required, it is minimally invasive

Will I be able to drive home after the injection

See above “Can I drive after the sclerotherapy treatment”

Will I be able to continue with daily activities after the injection


Are there any side effects following the procedure

That depends on the procedure.

  • Injections: some people have a dull ache in the leg which can last for a day or so.  There will be some hard lumps where the veins were.  They can be quite tender and are managed by taking an anti-inflammatory such as Nurofen.  A more complete list will be provided by the doctor at the consultation
  • If you need laser, radiofrequency, glue:  similar to above, but aching can last longer.  Some people complain of a “pulling “ sensation on the inside of the leg, especially when walking.  This can last up to a week and settles with the more walking one does
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