For Patients

Stocking Instructions

Wearing the compression stocking is an important part of your treatment. Compression following your vein treatment assists the healing process. Please follow the stocking instructions as this will reduce the degree of bruising, inflammation, swelling, and trapped blood.

Wearing the stocking also decreases the existing small risk of deep venous thrombosis.

To make it easier to use the stocking:

  • Wear washing-up gloves
  • Make sure the leg is completely dry
  • Use the silk insert provided
  • Try using talcum powder on the leg

Please wear the stocking continuously as instructed by your doctor.

By 24hrs a day we mean day and night and not to come off even at bedtime or in the shower. However, if you develop pain in the foot or heel at night, especially if the pain wakes you, then remove the stocking once you are in bed, and put it on again in the morning before you get up.

To shower try one or several of the following:

  • You can use a plastic bag (special ones can be bought from Independent Home Care).
  • Dry the stocking after the shower with a hair dryer.

If at any time you are having difficulties or have any questions about the postoperative care, you can ring the clinic during office hours,

Our specialist doctors are dedicated to providing effective treatment for venous or arterial conditions and giving you back your confidence and wellbeing.