For Patients

Post Op Instructions

(Sclerotherapy/Endovenous/ Radiofrequency treatment)

  1. WEAR the compression stockings continuously for 2 weeks. If you have a lot of difficulty at night, take them off after you get into bed at night and then put them back on again BEFORE you get out of bed in the morning, before your foot touches the ground.
  2. WALK immediately after treatment and then daily for at least 30 minutes but not more than an hour at a time.
  3. Some ooze or even blood stains are normal. Don’t remove the stocking, just pat dry and if it still oozing elevate your leg and apply pressure to the area. If after 20 minutes this continues please contact our office or your GP if it is a weekend.
  4. It is normal to feel some pain in the treated leg. If you walk it will help. Nurofen can be taken if needed.
  5. AVOID sitting or standing for a long period of time.
  6. AVOID heavy exercise for at least 2 weeks after treatment (this includes aerobics, running, step classes etc)
  7. AVOID falling pregnant during your treatment period.
  8. It is recommended you STOP any hormonal therapy treatment for 4 weeks prior to treatment as it can increase your risk of DVT. You can recommence 4 weeks after finishing ALL treatment.
  9. STOP taking iron and vitamin E supplements since they can increase your risk of pigmentation.
  10. DO NOT apply any anti-bruising creams (Hiruoid/Lasonil) or vitamin E cream on the treated leg.
  11. DO NOT wax your legs.
  12. DO NOT travel for more than 2 hours at a time until 4 weeks after treatment.

Other recommendations

  • If you experience significant pain that does not resolve with paracetamol or Nurofen, please contact us on 4211 0400.
  • If the pain is in your feet or behind your knee it could be the pressure of the stocking. You can adjust the stocking but if the pain continues please call us.
  • To shower you can cover the stocking with a plastic bag or wrap your leg in cling wrap or you can get your leg wet and dry it with a hair dryer. DO NOT remove your stocking to shower.
  • If you develop small tender lumps over the treated vein it is most likely trapped blood in the veins which is a normal occurrence. If this causes you pain and discomfort and after a week does not subside on its own your doctor may need to release the blood at your next visit.
Our specialist doctors are dedicated to providing effective treatment for venous or arterial conditions and giving you back your confidence and wellbeing.